Starts with M88

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Competitive winning rates

Is this your first bet? Don’t worry. At M88, everyone can win.

Various betting events

Various national and international events are available, including NBA, World Cup, Euro, and many more events. Not interested? You can also opt for other games, including live keno, lottery, live casino, P2P poker, and many other games.

Reliable betting platform

M88 strives to provide the best service to its member. In order to guarantee its service, all activities, features, and services owned and operated by the company is licensed and regulated by First Cagayan Sports and Leisure, Phillippines.

Promotion and bonus

This platform offers welcome deposit bonus for new members, while existing members can also enjoy unlimited rebate offer. The company also offers cash rebate for casino and keno players. Need more? M88 also provides special VIP program for players with highest scores. These special players are eligible to earn special rebate, the highest in amount across Asia.

We are here for you

From the beginning, M88 has dedicated itself to provide only the best service to its customers. New ideas are always born to ensure customer’s satisfaction. Two of them are now applied: support for local players.

Multiple currencies

Now players can use their local currency without converting it to foreign currency, such as USD and GBP. The company now supports various currencies including Euro, USD, Aus $, Yuan, Rupiah, Ringgit, Rupee, Baht, and Dong.


Multiple languages

For those who can’t or choose not to use English, the company also provides supports over multiple languages. Currently, most of languages in Asia region are supported by the company.

It is important for every bettor to know that credibility is very important before joining any betting platform. This is the very same reason behind all features offered by M88 Asia. All features and services have been optimized to meet customer’s need and their convenience. From various betting events, international competitions, supports over multiple currencies and languages, to bonus and promotion. All these features are offered so everyone can enjoy the best betting experience. Presented by one of the world’s well-known betting platform, 明升88 Asia invites everyone to enjoy one of the world’s best betting experience.

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